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The Palingol home Page

For a comprehensive presentation of PALINGOL aims and use, with examples of results and biological background, please see:

Palingol, a descriptive programming language to describe nucleic acid's secondary structure and scan sequence databases. Billoud, B. Kontic, M. and Viari, A. (1996). Nucleic Acids Research 24(8) 1395-1404.

French readers may be interested in the web version of a conference : Criblage de banque avec une description de structure.

Exhaustive reference to the language can be found in the Palingol user's guide.

Palingol sources, executable, paper, etc. are available by FTP.

We plan to continue the development of PALINGOL in the future, so, active feedback from users is highly desirable. Thanks for your help.

If you want to know about new releases
of Palingol, have questions or comments,
or some bugs to report, please send an e-mail